Deep Delta T:

(Book 1 of Delta T Trilogy)

This story, which takes place on another planet, explores how it would be to find yourself in a place where there is no separation from God, a place where everything is different because of that. How will it look? How will you then live? What will you be able to report back to the strictly scientific people who sent you here from Earth?

The Second Arrival:

(Book 2 of Delta T Trilogy)

A second contingent of astronauts arriving on Planet Deep Delta T threatens to drastically interfere with the idyllic, peaceful life of the established community. What impact will this have? How should this threat be countered? Who could possibly bring the needed wisdom that is necessary to preserve what God has established here for future generations?

Mission: Earth:

(Book 3 of Delta T Trilogy)

Two astronauts and two Natives from Deep Delta T make the passage through four-and-a-half light years of cold and airless space in order to bring the message of unimaginable love and peace to Earth. What happens when such love encounters opposition and hatred? Stories that are both tragic and joyous are the inevitable results of such a collision.

Christianese, the Language of Those Who Believe in Jesus:

Church people joke sometimes about having their own language – ‘Christianese.’ People who have no familiarity with Christianity have no understanding of words like ‘atonement,’ ‘salvation,’ and ‘grace.’ Here are 285 Christian words explained in a reader-friendly style, without any particular denominational slant. These pages are particularly helpful to those new to Christianity to help them gain understanding of the puzzling world of faith in Jesus..

Around the World in 480 Days:

World travel was safer in 1971. Thousands of hippies were crowding aboard busses and trains in Europe and Asia, hungry to experience something new. One 22-year-old, the author, remembers his year traveling overland around the world, spending extended times in both Japan and Pakistan. His very personal accounts of immersion in unfamiliar cultures is not a travelogue, but reveals a story of discovery that emerges partly as a product of the 70’s, and partly as the view of youth.

Doodler’s Mandala:

Even for people who protest that they cannot draw, this brief little book shows that fascination, self discovery, and relaxation await those who will take some time to draw mandalas – an ancient art form used in many ways by many cultures. It is an instructional book, inspiring your creative discovery, not a coloring book, and by no means an exhaustive examination of the subject. Just for fun.